Intelligent Business Solutions

iMind are more than a company of designers and developers. We specialise in all aspects of Information Technology (IT) and can also help you with project management, business process re-engineering, business analysis and process improvement.

iMind offer a full consultancy service, so whether you want us to find you a new IT supplier, liaise with your existing one or help improve your business in a number of other ways contact us for further information or a free no obligation consultation.

The Process

Every project is different. Every business has different requirements. Every individual needs support in different areas. That's why iMind tailor the way we work to suit you.

We focus on up-front planning, defined objectives and a clear strategy so the first thing we do in all our projects is to meet with you and talk about how we can add value to your business.

  •  Thinking
  • define objectives
  • create strategy
  • competitor\sector analysis
  • define options
  • define approach
  •  Doing
  • create plans
  • approve plans
  • implement plans
  • approve implementation
  •  Maintaining
  • benchmark
  • review
  • implement change as required
  • repeat the maintenance cycle
  • Here are a few of the reasons why you should work with iMind:
  • Friendly, professional, expert advice to help you reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies
  • Prince 2 Project Management
  • Business process mapping \ re-engineering
  • Consultancy services
  • European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) assessment
  • IT security including Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance
  • Private, public and charity sector experience
  • We're versatile; we can work with the latest IT start-ups or local authorities and Government departments
  • We are cutting edge but not reckless. Buzz words do not interest us, we like plans and contingency. We do not take risks with your business
  • We pride ourselves on delivering REAL commercial value and return on investment to our customers
  • Customer profiling; we can predict how your customers and employees behave and so we can ensure that everything we do is relevant
  • We can help you develop strategies, policies and procedures to achieve your objectives
  • iMind can help you understanding the opportunities in your market and the opportunities in new markets
  • iMind offer research and auditing to evaluate and improve your products, services or programs.
  • We can help you creating positive relationships with your stakeholders both internally and externally.
  • Branding and identity (see our design section for more information)
  • Contact us for further information or a free no obligation consultation

Case Studies

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