Intelligent Design Solutions

It's easy to dismiss design as an unimportant or easy part of a project, but the opposite is true. First impressions count whether it's a website of a business card.

iMind offer a full design service. This can include all aspects of your company's identity including colour schemes, logos, websites, business cards and other stationary.

Our immaculate, engaging designs can help you engage with your existing customers and those all important prospective customers, increase sales and bring your brand to life.

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The Process

We take a structured approach to design and involve you every step of the way to ensure you get the best product for your organisation.

We start out by putting some ideas down on paper

Once your happy with the ideas we've put together for you we'll transfer those paper designs onto computer

Once you are happy with the final design we'll either let you have it to take away or we'll start to apply it to websites, cards and other areas of your business

  • Here are a few of the reasons why you should work with iMind:
  • Bespoke (not template). Templates are great within a site to help maintain consistency of design and help the user navigate. But we don't just re-hash the same design and tweak it a bit. We take a blank sheet of paper (that's right, we use paper!) and draw some stuff for you. If you think it's ok then we'll do some proper designs for you on a computer and everything
  • Generally when designing a website or logo we'll try and do three designs so you can choose the best or pick elements of all three
  • Pictures aren't the full....errrr....picture. iMind will help you with defining a content strategy so as well as great design you've got great content to match
  • We design for everyone. That means that whether your using a computer, a mobile phone or looking at poster our designs convey exactly the right message about your organisation
  • Branding and identity
  • iMind use industry standard design tools including pencil and paper, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
  • All the work we do for you is yours. If you decide you want to take the design work we've done for you elsewhere once you've paid for it then we'll package it up and send it to you with our best regards
  • Contact us for further information or a free no obligation consultation


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